2Wire Redefines Broadband Gateways

SAN JOSE, CA /Marketwire/ -- To address growing demand for integrated networking, communications, and digital media products in the home, 2Wire introduced the HomePortal GEM platform, a modular solution for broadband service providers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a wide range of new services. HomePortal GEM intelligent gateways and expansion modules enable services ranging from cordless phone DECT base stations and femtocells to home control interfaces and intelligent home servers.

The GEM platform is designed for incremental expansion through physical modules as well as next-generation software, applications, and management systems. The application software development kit and snap-on hardware modules allow service providers to provision a variety of applications, including their own, as well as those authored by third parties. The first wave of GEM applications is expected to include technology from companies such as Logitech, OpenDNS, and SharedBand. New third-party applications will include home surveillance, home automation, digital media server, and digital life backup services, among others.

"The HomePortal GEM is a powerful, elegant, and flexible gateway solution, designed to meet the current and future needs of both service providers and end users," said Pasquale Romano, President and CEO of 2Wire. "Its modularity establishes a low base unit cost while providing flexible expansion options for additional revenue-generating services. This new platform, combined with our application software development program, will define, optimize, and extend the capabilities of the digital home for years to come."

The Benefits of Modularity
The HomePortal GEM platform enables broadband service providers to deploy a single intelligent gateway that can be enhanced via gateway expansion modules, to provide a variety of applications and services. The modularity allows the operator to strategically provision incremental hardware, software, and service offerings to best suit subscriber needs. The modular snap-on design provides for simple and convenient self-installation, reducing the care and operational expenditures associated with deploying new services and hardware.

Retail Device Integration
With its next-generation software engine, the GEM platform also enables an unprecedented level of integration with retail home networking and consumer electronics devices. When combined with CMS, the 2Wire TR-069 standard-compliant management system, the entire solution paves the way for opt-in services that support and manage a variety of devices on the home network, including off-the-shelf digital cameras, NAS disks, motion sensors, and music players.

Gateway Expansion Modules
The new HomePortal GEM platform consists of the HomePortal GEM intelligent gateway, GEM software, and a selection of GEM gateway expansion models.

Expansion modules that will be offered for use with the HomePortal GEM platform include:

  • GEM Topaz—DECT base station cordless phone system


  • GEM Sapphire—home control interface, consolidating control of the digital home


  • GEM Emerald—intelligent home server, simplifying personal media and data management


  • GEM Ruby—femtocell mobile base station, improving mobile phone coverage in the home


  • GEM Amethyst—3G wireless WAN, delivering broadband over a 3G link

Like all 2Wire HomePortal gateways, the GEM platform offers an integrated solution for delivering data, voice, and entertainment services while boasting flexible home networking technologies, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB 2.0.

Initial samples of the 2Wire HomePortal GEM platform are currently being evaluated by service providers. Volume shipment is expected in 2009.

About 2Wire
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