24-Bit DAQ Unit Enhances LeCroy Scopes

Saelig Company offers the Teledyne LeCroy SAM40 data acquisition (DAQ) unit that provides up to 24 analog or digital input channels for low frequency (e.g. sensor signal) acquisition and analysis when connected to a 4 or 8 channel Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit resolution high definition oscilloscope. This capability suits system debug and analysis of motors and drives, power products, appliances, Internet of Things (IoT), vehicle/automotive devices, and other applications.


The SAM40 delivers 24-bit resolution measurements for signals up to 40 kHz with a sample rate of 100 ksamples/s. Operation is plug-and-play. The SAM40 connects to the oscilloscope with a USB2.0 cable for data transfer and control/trigger commands, and with BNC cables for clock and time-base synchronization. No programming or complex setups are required. The oscilloscope's math, measure, analysis, pass/fail and option packages utilize the sensor inputs the same as any other channel.


IEPE/ICP sensors are also supported via an internal 4-mA bias supply. The BNC signal inputs are compatible with wide variety of off-the-shelf sensors. Other SAM40's features include bandwidth limiting and adjustable gain in 1/2/5 steps. All channels have 24-bit resolution, stored in 32-bit floating point format, with 0.05% total accuracy.


Available in 8, 16, or 24-channel inputs, pricing for the SAM40 starts at $8,990. For more info, call Saelig Company, Inc., Fairport, NY. 888-772-3544 or 585-385-1750 and/or [email protected]

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