2.4-GHz WLS Load Sensor Transmits 1-25 Ton Weight Data In Real Time

2.4-GHz WLS Load Sensor Transmits 1-25 Ton Weight Data In Real Time
Saelig Co. Inc.

The WLS wireless LoadSense load measurement sensor is a strain-gauge stainless steel tension-type sensor available in 1 Ton to 25 Ton ranges. It has an overload capability up to 200% and wirelessly transmits its data to a compatible Sensor Technology display or data recorder. Data can be sent remotely up to 300 ft. at a rate of 10 times per second in the worldwide license-free 2.4-GHz frequency band. Dual antennas in the WLS' IP-65 enclosure insure reliable data transmission in harsh operating environments. For more details, visit http://www.saelig.com/MFR00070/TSTEQLS.htm

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