18-bit Psuedo-differential SAR ADC from Linear

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Linear Technology Corp.

The LTC2369-18 from Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, CA, is a serial 18-bit, 1.6 Msps, pseudo-differential SAR ADC with a 96.5 dB SNR and –120 dB THD while supporting a 0–5 V unipolar input range. The pseudo-differential input simplifies the ADC driver requirement, enabling single-ended drive while benefitting from the reduction of unwanted signals common to both inputs. Operating from a 2.5 V supply, the device consumes 18 mW in normal operation and 2.25 µW in low-power shutdown mode. Other features include ±2.5 LSB INL max., guaranteed 18-bit no missing codes, no pipeline delay, no cycle latency, SPI-compatible serial I/O, and an internal conversion clock. The ADC is suited for use in high-performance medical, industrial, and automotive applications.

Contact Info

Company: Linear Technology Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-432-1900 x2419

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