150W/300W Open-Frame Supplies Shine In Low-Airflow Environments

150W/300W Open-Frame Supplies Shine In Low-Airflow Environments
Powerbox USA Inc.

The Medline series 150W and 300W ac/dc single output open frame (2x4 and 3x6) power supplies target medical type BF applications requiring high performance in low airflow conditions. Combining an optimized layout to facilitate natural air convection cooling with highly efficient switching topology, the OBM03 and OBP03 are designed for continuous output power operation of 100W and 200W, respectively, in a natural convection environment. When extra power is required, with limited forced air, the available output power increases, to 150W at only 7.5 CFM for the OBM03, and to 300W at 10CFM for the OBP03. Both supplies withstand an input-to-output isolation of 4 kVac, input-to-ground of 1.5 kVac, and output-to-ground of 1.5 kVac. At 264 Vac, leakage current is below 275 µA for the OBM03 and bellow 220 µA for the OBP03. Datasheets are available at:

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