1200V SiC Diode Targets High-Speed Solar Inverters and Rugged Industrial Applications

SAN JOSE, CA — Fairchild unveils its first 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) diode, the FFSH40120ADN, in its series of upcoming SiC solutions. The 1200V diode’s combination of superior switching performance, higher reliability and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) make it ideal for next-generation solar inverters, industrial motor controls and welders which are all increasingly required to be more energy efficient at higher power densities.

The FFSH40120ADN diode has the best leakage current performance in its class, leaking far less current than its competitors at temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius. The key benefits of this 1200V SiC diode include its extremely fast switching and no reverse recovery current, which dramatically reduces switching losses compared to silicon and results in superior energy efficiency. Faster switching also allows manufacturers to reduce the size of their products’ magnetic coils and associated passive components, which improves packaging efficiency, reduces system weight and can reduce bill-of-materials (BOM) costs.

The diode’s ability to switch stably over a wide temperature range is another factor contributing to its exceptional performance, as is its zero recovery voltage which eliminates voltage overshoots.

The FFSH40120ADN diode also offers considerably greater ruggedness and reliability compared to equivalent silicon-based diodes due to SiC having superior thermal performance to silicon. The breakdown field of SiC is 10x higher than that of silicon and SiC also has 3x greater thermal conductivity.

Fairchild will demonstrate the performance of the new 1200V SiC diode in booth #1717 at the upcoming APEC conference, March 20-24 in Long Beach, Calif.

Visit the FFSH40120ADN product folder for samples and more information on the new 1200V SiC diode.

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