1000 Series Automatic Splicers Improve Uptime for Wide Non-Woven Substrates

Middleborough, MA --- Butler Automatic, the inventor and global leader of automatic splicing solutions, announces that its 1000 Series Automatic Film Splicer is ideal for improving uptime and increasing throughput in applications utilizing wide, non-woven substrates. The 1000 Series is used in applications including printing, packaging, building insulation, automotive air filters, and medical wound care products.

The 1000 Series automatic splicer is designed to run at speeds up to 1400 feet per minute (FPM) and can handle substrates up to 64” wide. The zero-speed splice technology allows for splices to be made without any interruption to production, allowing for increased throughput and profitability. The 1000 Series is designed to perform durable splices with its rolling nip splice head or optional heat seal butt splicing, and is available in a low-tension model for applications requiring lower than typical tension.

The slicer’s digital variable gain controls ensure ease of operation. Additionally, the compact design of the 1000 Series automatic splicers makes them easy to install and to fit into nearly any application. The machine features a roll-over-roll design for a small footprint, even with large diameter rolls, and doesn’t require a pit for installation.

Butler Automatic

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