10 GigE Cameras Exploit Polarized Image Sensors

Emergent Vision Technologies has added four camera models with polarization image sensors featuring Sony’s Polarsens technology to its HR and HT series of cameras with a 10 GigE interface. These are the 5 Megapixel HR-5000-S and HT-5000-S series (Sony IMX250MYR / MZR), and the 12 Megapixel HR-12000-S and HT-12000-S series (Sony IMX253MYR / MZR).


Sony’s Polarsens technology is based on polarization image sensors with four-directional on-chip polarizer and is aimed at the industrial market. The polarizer is formed on chip under the on-chip lens layer and is covered with an anti-reflection layer to avoid poor flare and ghost characteristics. According to the company, polarized image sensors offer improved brightness and color, and can also capture details that cannot be detected by a normal image sensor in applications such as glass inspection, tablet filling inspection, distortion inspection, and reflection removal.

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The IMX250MZR/MYR and IMX253MYR/MZR feature an analog memory inside each pixel. Reportedly, this enables high frame rate, excellent picture quality imaging, and helps prevent focal plane distortion for fast moving objects.


Emergent Vision Technologies’ HR and HT Series offer models between 2 and 50 Megapixels and come with a high-speed 10 GigE SFP+ interface. SFP+ offers users with several options to cover cable length requirements for all applications. HT Series cameras feature a high-speed 10GBaseT RJ45 Interface, which offers 10x the speed of GigE and cable lengths up to 100 meters. Both HR and HT series are GigE Vision and Gen<i>cam compliant.


Summary table of new models

The cameras are viable for a wide-range of applications including solar and display panel inspection, electronic assemblies, large aerial surveillance of sport stadiums, production lines and robotics. They will be available Q2-2019. For more details, checkout the cameras and/or call Emergent Vision Technologies at 866-780-6082.

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