$10.5 Billion Mobile Sensing Sports & Fitness Market in 2015

Bluetooth Smart has connected millions of ultra-low power wireless wearable sensors to the Internet and hundreds of millions of sensor infused smartphones are providing app developers with new markets and partners. This opportunity will continue to grow at a staggering pace with shipments of mobile sensing devices that support sports and fitness apps increasing 10X over the next five years.

Dedicated fitness mobile sensing devices currently dominate this market. In 2014, activity trackers outsold general purpose smartwatches four to one. Out of the 5 million smartwatches shipped that support sports and fitness apps almost half were fitness-dedicated activity tracker/smartwatch hybrids.

However, this market is undergoing a fundamental change because of the introduction of smartwatches. In five years, general purpose smartwatches that support fitness apps will make up over 70% of the smartwatch market

By the end of 2019, 1 billion mobile sensing devices that support sports and fitness will have been shipped worldwide.

Based on input from 2,000+ individuals and analysis of 75,000 product reviews, ON World’s report, Mobile Sensing Sports & Fitness” covers the global market for mobile sensing systems for sports and fitness and forecasts 7 product segments including smartwatches, activity trackers, heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors and other performance monitors.

For more details, visit http://onworld.com/research/mobilesensing/fitness/vip

Mareca Hatler - Director of Research