1-kV DAQ Card Adds Real Time Data Calculation

1-kV DAQ Card Adds Real Time Data Calculation

Allowing real-time calculations on the fly, HBM adds real-time data calculation capabilities to its 1kV data-acquisition (DAQ) card. Contrasting comparable cards requiring the use of post-processing software to view analysis results later rather than in real time, HBM-card users can view results immediately. The enhanced card also lets Genesis High Speed recorders calculate more precise results. It provides values per half cycle at sample rates up to 2 Msamples/s at voltages up to +1,000V. Sampling rate is automatically switchable following a trigger event in the real-time calculation channels. More information is available at http://www.hbm.com/en/menu/products/measurement-electronics-software/high-speed-data-acquisition/1-kv-data-acquisition-card.

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