1.3A LDO Regulator Touted As Market’s Smallest

Heralded as the industry's smallest 1.3A CMOS low dropout (LDO) regulator: the TCR13AGADJ comes in a WCSP6F package measuring 0.8 mm x 1.2 mm, with a maximum thickness of 0.33mm. Typical ripple rejection ratio is 90 dB at Vout=0.9V, f=1kHz.

Using an external bias power supply terminal (VBAT), the regulator achieves a typical dropout voltage of  at Vout=0.9V, Iout=1A. Maximum dropout voltage is rated at 163 mV at Vout=0.9V, Iout=1A). Using an external resistor, output voltage is adjustable over a range of 0.55V to 3.6V. Integrated capabilities include over-current protection, over-temperature protection, inrush current protection, and an auto discharge function. For more info, go to http://www.toshiba.com/taec


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