0-5V Input Process Monitors Feature Miniature Round Housings

The DMR20-0/5 Series process monitors feature high visibility LED displays and suit industrial process control and monitoring applications utilizing 0–5V or 0–10V signaling, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based instrumentation, and process control test and calibration equipment. Both models in the line are housed in the proven, round DMR20 one-piece plastic package that easily installs in an industry standard 1.2-inch (30.5mm) panel cut out. The large, easy-to-read, 0.30 inch (7.6 mm) digits are available in a choice of either red or green LED display.  Further, the series draws less than 10mA and can be operated from any regulated source of 5V, 12V, 24V, or 36V dc power.


With a rugged one-piece plastic housing that makes it ideal for environmentally demanding applications, the DMR20-0/5 is also the smallest process monitor available on the market.  Its power-supply and input-signal connections are made via a reliable, three-position, screw-type terminal block. An EPDM rubber gasket and hex nut simplify installation and provide IP67/NEMA 6 protection to environmental dirt and moisture, including water submersion up to three feet (one meter).

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The DMR20-0/5 process monitors include all the necessary conditioning circuitry to enable a user to scale the 0–5V or 0–10V signal to the desired numerical readings of the parameter being measured. Gain and offset adjustments are performed with on-board, precision, 20-turn potentiometers, which eliminates the need for more expensive, longer-lead-time customs products for applications that use various range meters.  These features make the solution easy to install and streamline calibration activities. For more information, visit http://www.murata-ps.com

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