The technology and business issues of hybrid and electric vehicles will be open for debate at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and Battery Show…

Delphi Technologies and Cree, Inc. have agreed to partner on silicon carbide semiconductor technology for future electric vehicles.

MarketsandMarkets says the low-light imaging market is expected to grow from $10.04 billion in 2019 to $18.36 billion by 2024.

SiC can make medical devices more perceptive, it can make electronics more energy-efficient, and it can help sensors perform in higher temperatures.

Infrared (IR) sensors detect the electromagnetic radiation that humans perceive as heat.

By employing a new CMOS type smell sensor, developers expect to achieve a resolution equivalent to a dog’s nose.

EasyPack 2B debuts with hybrid approach

An accelerometer measures the rate of change of an object’s velocity to monitor its movement.