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Economic Roundup for September

Although conditions for most of America's manufacturing industries are grim, with segments such as automotive seeing more than a 30% drop in shipments over the past year, there is still a little bit of good news out there: shipments and new orders aren't dropping as fast as they were in the first and second quarters of 2009, and in many cases seem to have leveled off.

Wireless Bed-Side Manner

When it comes to identifying industry segments that are expected to grow, medical gets listed (as far as I can tell) every time. The recent flurry of interest in wireless medical devices is just part of this ongoing trend.

The Hard-Working Predator

In late 2006, NASA acquired a Predator B unmanned aerial system for civilian earth science and to test out new aeronautical technologies. And since then, Ikhana has been hard at work collecting atmospheric data and providing real-time fire imaging and mapping. Its current task is to help evaluate a new system to sense wing shape and structural load.

Sensor Selection-Reviewing Error Analysis

This is the fifth essay in a series expanding on an article I wrote for Sensors titled A Twelve-Step Sensor Selection Checklist. This month, I'll look at the phase of the sensor selection process in which you review your error analysis. In this step, you decide if a particular sensor meets your measurement requirements. Some people balk at doing detailed analysis, saying it's unnecessary. Others will want to just try a sensor and see how it works. In most cases, the analysis approach beats the cut-and-try method hands down. You've come this far. Don't waste the effort.

Sensors to Focus on Web-Based Initiatives

NEWTON, Mass., December 7, 2006 – Sensors, the premier publication dedicated to sensors and sensor-related technologies, will continue to build and expand its web-based editorial platform in the coming year and will cease publication of its print magazine in response to the sensor community’s demand for faster access to timely business, technical and purchasing information online.

Industrial Automation-A 2007 Perspective

Trying to understand the evolution of industrial automation is a chicken-or-egg conundrum. Do needs and demands shape the technology, or does technology shape the demands? Whatever the answer, change is undeniable-and fascinating. The breadth and complexity of this dynamism is too great to capture in this one short essay, but I would like to look at two things that are going to have a significant and immediate impact. Then I'll turn to some major events in the world of thermal technology.

Uncertainty Rules!

When it comes to achieving measurement quality, one measurement is never enough. Every measurement has an accompanying error, and that immediately takes you into the world of statistics. To successfully navigate the measurement process, you have to answer such questions as: How many measurements are enough? How can you determine and express the magnitude of measurement errors? And how do you know you are measuring as accurately as you should?