Michelle A. Kelsey

Michelle A. Kelsey

Michelle A. Kelsey, BSCS, can be reached at Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Tempe, AZ; 480-413-3533. [email protected]

Stories by Michelle A. Kelsey

Expand Your Gaming Space with Sensors

Proximity sensors and accelerometers are changing the gaming experience as we know it today. While these technologies are not new, improvements in user acceptance, size, performance, and price are spurring their use in the gaming market.

Automotive Propels Consumer Sensors

The silicon micromachined inertial sensor that deploys your automotive airbags can't simply be dropped into your laptop for free-fall detection without some do-differentlys. The differences go well beyond the application spaces of medium/high-g and low-g that automotive sockets sport. In fact, the automotive and consumer markets present conflicting fundamental demands. Building a bridge between them means giving reconsideration to design, test, space, quality, time-to-market, front- and back-end assembly-and price."