Lynnette Reese

Lynnette Reese, Contributing Editor
Lynnette Reese
Contributing Editor

Lynnette Reese has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from LSU and has authored well over a hundred different articles and blogs about embedded technology. Formerly Editor-in-Chief of Embedded Systems Engineering and Embedded Intel® Solutions, she’s now freelancing. Lynnette has worked for TI, Freescale, Cypress Semi, and Mouser Electronics in roles covering industrial controls, Life Safety Systems for fab processes, op amps, USB, microcontrollers, software development tools, and the PowerPC ecosystem. A faded geek goddess, Lynnette knits, kayaks, and tools around on a restored 1948 Harley in her spare time. 

Stories by Lynnette Reese

Highlights on the Upcoming 2019 Embedded Technologies Expo and Conference

The Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference on June 25-27 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose covers an astounding array of topics encompassing the embedded engineering experience. Several exciting tracks and topics include significant design and application fundamentals, C/C++ software coding, RTOS fundamentals, digital/analog power solutions, and tracks on both securing and testing embedded systems.

AI at the Edge

Sensors bring information to data science across a growing variety of markets, including industrial, agriculture, medical, aerospace, military, and many others. Although the descending cost of ever-higher performance processors is key to the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT), storing and sending enormous amounts of data to cloud servers can be costly, slow, and expand exposure to hackers. Locating computing power near sensors and other data-collection devices can boost the overall efficiency of data processing.