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John Koon
Technical Editor

John Koon’s current roles include embedded technology research and publication. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the RTC Magazine and COTS Journal.  His current role is a freelance editor/writer working for multiple magazines. Additionally, he has published numerous technical articles, blogs, case studies and eBooks. His area of research include aviation, AI, autonomous driving, robotics, automation, medical innovations, wireless technology including 5G and low-power WAN, Fog Computing (beyond cloud) and edge, IoT, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, cybersecurity, blockchain, m2m, MEMS  and sensors related, software, fiber optics and interconnects, aerospace/defense, manufacturing, semiconductor, power and battery, COTS advancements and emerging technologies. He held a BS in engineering (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) and an MBA (San Diego State University) with 20 years of management experience.

Stories by John Koon

The Changing World of Edge Computing 

Over the years, the cloud has provided all the processing power to the IoT endpoints. Not anymore. The focus has shifted from collecting massive data to meaningful use of analytics.

How AI Will Revolutionize the Industrial Sectors

One of the hottest technologies today is artificial intelligence (AI). After IBM’s Watson supercomputer gained recognition, the company branded and invested a great deal of effort in its Watson AI division. Watson has made its name, among other things, by beating the human world champion in the AlphaGo game. Other leading tech companies, including Google, Cisco, Facebook, and Baidu are putting serious money behind AI. As AI continues to grow, it will have a major impact in many industrial markets; most noticeably Network Communication, Connected Factories, Smart Robots, Embedded Smart Things, and Healthcare.
Symantec Security

Is Embedded IoT Security A Pipe Dream?

Security is recommended for use within every technology that’s connected these days. In the old days, most computers were isolated, protected by a physical “air gap” where only devices that were manually connected to the computer posed a potential risk. The internet has caused an explosion of productivity, creating new business models with operational efficiency gain from billions of sensors connected via the Internet of Things (IoT). However, the same capability for near-instant connectivity and communication has also opened a doorway to risk.
Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

The Top 7 Trends That Will Drive Embedded Technologies in 2019

As technologies continue to heat up, several hold considerable potential as disruptive innovations reach an inevitable tipping point. Which strategic technologies in 2019 are shaping into swiftly growing trends that will drive market change over the next five years? In the embedded world, the top seven trends include the following and In many of these technologies, sensors play a large part.