Joel K. Young

Joel K. Young

Joel K. Young is CTO of Digi International and can be reached at Digi International, Minnetonka, MN; 952-912-3444. [email protected]

Stories by Joel K. Young

What a Mesh! Part 2-Networking Architectures and Protocols

In the second part of this two-part article we tackle network architectures and compare and contrast point-to-multipoint, ZigBee PRO (ZigBee 2007), 6LoWPAN, Wireless HART, and Digi Mesh networking protocols, laying out their key characteristics, benefits, and limitations.

Mixing Multiple Wireless Technologies

With the variety of wireless technologies available, outfitting an industrial or commercial environment for wireless communications may involve mixing and matching technologies to find the optimal solution. Here are the issues to consider to make your mix a successful one.