JJ Thiara

JJ Thiara

JJ Thiara, Rockwell Automation, 978-446-3309. [email protected]

Stories by JJ Thiara

The Rise of Diffuse-Mode Photoelectric Sensors

Within the photoelectric-sensor arena, the diffuse sensing mode has become much more prevalent with the development and refinement of background suppression-the ability of a sensor to see an object and ignore the reflective surface directly behind it. This is a contributing factor to the diffuse mode's emergence as the preferred method of photoelectric sensing.

Photoelectric Sensors and Background Suppression

In many cases, the selection of a sensor, particularly in difficult applications, is the result of trial and error. Although the applications for diffuse-mode photoelectric sensors are diverse, the most effective selection and use of the technology requires an understanding of the operating principles and how the fundamentals relate to the application. In no area of diffuse sensing is this truer than in background suppression.

The Role of Subsystems in Industrial Control

Automation professionals favor complete end-to-end solutions. But to meet the unique requirements of specific applications, engineers turn to tailored subsystems, which optimize the overall system, reduce commissioning time, and cut costs.