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7 Principles to an Effective Engineering Environment

Some companies fail to recognize that the statement You can't rush good engineers is just an excuse for a poorly managed engineering environment. Although establishing an engineering environment that directs the efforts of engineers toward the company's objectives is critical to a company's survival, it doesn't always happen.

Strain Sensor Basics and Signal Conditioning Tips

Strain gauges are fairly straightforward devices that output a voltage signal based on a change in resistance when the object to which they are attached to undergoes tension or compression. They are available in three basic types: full-, half-, and quarter-bridge, each with its own requirements.

PIR Detectors for Security

Day or night, PIR devices detect motion by sensing any thermal contrast between a moving object or person and a stationary background. As a result, they're being incorporated into a growing number of security devices.

The Principles of Level Measurement

RF capacitance, conductance, hydrostatic tank gauging, radar, and ultrasonics are the leading sensor technologies in liquid level tank measurement and control operations. Making the wisest selection for your own application requires a basic understanding of how these devices work."