Geoff Mulligan

Geoff Mulligan

Geoff Mulligan is a Technology Consultant focused on the Internet of Things, RF Sensors, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, IP networks and open systems. He is notable for developing the embedded internet and is the Chairman of the IPSO Alliance, IETF working group chair and creator of 6LoWPAN.

He is currently working on sensor network projects for the US Department of Defense, government agencies and various corporations, as well as numerous Smart Energy and SmartGrid projects.  Geoff received his M.S. from the University of Denver and B.S. from the United States Air Force Academy. He holds over 15 patents in network security and electronic mail and testified before Congress on Electronic Commerce and Computer Security.


Stories by Geoff Mulligan

A New Revolution Part 2: IP Enabled Smart Objects and the Smart Grid

The previous article covered a basic introduction to IP enabled Smart Objects. These are devices that combine processing power with communications capabilities to exchange information using the Internet Protocol. IP Smart Objects are being deployed in a variety of machine to machine (M2M) systems. Application areas such as industrial control, process automation, and commercial building control are moving away from closed proprietary protocols to embrace open international standards such as the Internet Protocol (IP). Now the U.S. Smart Grid has adopted IP to interconnect smart energy components.

A New Revolution Part 1: IP Enabled Smart Objects

By now most of us have become wholly reliant on our virtual connections and the devices—the cell phones, PDAs, and laptops—that drive them. As important as these communications tools have become, a new revolution in connectivity is taking place that is certain to be even more transformative.