Dr. Rajender Thusu

Dr. Rajender Thusu

Dr. Rajender Thusu is the Industry Principal, Sensors Practice (Measurement and Instrumenatation) for Frost & Sullivan. He can be reached at 210-520-0941, [email protected].

Stories by Dr. Rajender Thusu

Temperature Sensor Technology Transition and End-user Growth Trends

The global temperature sensors and transmitters market is highly competitive, with a large number of participants. Temperature is one of the most frequently measured parameters, with temperature sensors used in many industries (if not all of them). Because temperature applications are so diverse—ranging from critical process control to maintaining comfort levels inside automobiles—there are several technologies that are used to measure temperature although temperature sensors can be broadly classified into two categories: contact and noncontact.

Sensors Facilitate Health Monitoring

The market for sensors used in medical applications is one of the few market segments that has remained robust through the recent economic downturn; we look at what types of sensors are involved, the challenges faced by manufacturers, and the market outlook.