Dr. Peter Fuhr

Dr. Peter Fuhr

Dr. Peter Fuhr is a Distinguished Member of the research staff of the Measurement Science and Systems Engineering (MSSE) Division at ORNL. He can be reached at 865-574-5206, [email protected].

Stories by Dr. Peter Fuhr

A Workshop on the Future of Instrumentation

Each year there are a variety of meetings and conferences that pertain to various aspects of sensors, automation, instrumentation, and applications. In many of these meetings, the bulk of the meeting/conference is focused on describing past and current efforts with a look over the horizon as to what's coming.

Mesh Radio Network Performance in Cargo Containers

Wireless sensors installed inside a cargo container? Aren't they metal? Then the radio signal can't get out . . .or can it? Here's how mesh-networked 2.4 GHz, 802.15.4-compliant RF transceivers performed when placed within cargo containers.

Measuring with Light Part 1: The Physics of Fiber Optics

In the last two decades, the development of fiber-optic sensors has led to the creation of devices and systems that can measure more than 60 different parameters. Here's a look at the physical underpinnings of the light-guiding operation of fibers and an overview of the fundamental field manipulation techniques used in these sensors.