Dr. Guy M. Hatch, MD

Dr. Guy M. Hatch, MD
Co-founder and CTO

Guy M. Hatch, M.D. practiced as a Board Certified General Pediatrician for 21 years in Logan, Utah.  He then led an R&D team in successful development of a reflectance SpO2 sensor for use with premature infants.  During testing of this sensor, a previously unreported photonic phenomenon was discovered.  For the following eleven years, he was a Mechanical Design Drafter at ATK, Logan, Utah.  He is currently a co-founder and the CTO of Reveal Biosensors, Inc., San Jose, CA, continuing the development of a new biosensor based on his earlier discovery.  He can be reached at:  [email protected] and (435) 757-8081.

Stories by Dr. Guy M. Hatch, MD

Biometric Sensor Addresses Infant Hypoxia

A common assumption is that newborn infants are especially vulnerable to insufficient oxygen, or hypoxia, and that hypoxia directly causes brain damage, blindness, and intestinal injury. New evidence shows devastating injuries are more likely the result of delivering too much oxygen to vulnerable tissues under crisis conditions.