Craig K. Harmon

Craig K. Harmon

Craig K. Harmon, President and CEO of Q.E.D. Systems Cedar Rapids, IA, has over 25 years of experience in the information systems industry. He is an expert on AIDC standardization and chairs the ISO committee addressing RFID applications in the supply chain. He also chairs the RFID Experts Group, and the U.S. group developing the U.S. positions for ISO RFID standards. He chairs the ISO committee on Mobile Item Identification and Management on bringing ISO standardization to Mobile RFID and Mobile Optical Media with Web services as well as chairing the ISO committee responsible for the development of sensor specifications.

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Stories by Craig K. Harmon

Sensors—Game-Changing Data Collection

In an April 30,, 2009 article entitled <i>Opinion: 10 game-changing technologies</i>, John Brandon at <i>Computerworld</i> listed sensors as leading the list of those technologies, saying "Sensor technology is a game-changer because it means any physical object&mdash;a bridge, the loading dock at a warehouse, the clothes you wear or even your own skin&mdash;can communicate with a network."