Craig Brockman

Craig Brockman

Craig Brockman, MBA, can be reached at Rockwell Automation, Chelmsford, MA; 978-446-3286. [email protected]

Stories by Craig Brockman

Making Proximity Sensors Work in Harsh Environments

Proximity sensors play a major role in the automotive industry because they're used extensively to position components accurately for welding and assembly. This is true of other forms of discrete manufacturing. So it behooves sensor vendors to design devices that can withstand the harshest environments and the greatest threats to optimal sensor performance. Here's one approach.

Enhancing Proximity Sensor Performance

The harsh conditions that typify welding environments in automotive assembly lines play havoc with inductive proximity sensors, drastically reducing their operational life. To reduce replacement and maintenance costs, automotive manufacturers demanded more rugged sensing devices. Sensor providers turn to innovative use of alternative materials and coatings to produce the desired results.