Aizip and Analog Devices win 2023 Best of Sensors Award in AI

Sensors Converge and Fierce Electronics presented the Best of Sensors Awards at the 2023 Sensors Converge Conference and Expo on June 21 in Santa Clara, California. The purpose of these annual awards is to honor and promote the best new products in the sensor ecosystem and businesses and creators who brought them to life across 14 categories.

The award in the AI and Machine Learning category went to Aizip and Analog Devices for  SARAD-T, which stands for "Scalable And Robust Anomaly Detection for industrial preventive maintenance." While innovative sensor designs involve collaboration, this Best of Sensors Award was unique in that it was given to two companies.

"This winning product comes from a team of collaboration, which we love to see in this industry," said Charlene Soucy, senior director of Sensors & Electronics, who was the presenter at the ceremony, "Utilizing neural networks, this product accurately detects abnormal operating conditions in various industrial equipment. Combined with partner technology, it's able to process sensor data in real time, eliminating the need for continuous transmission, cutting costs and facilitating seamless system integration and deployment."

device in front of monitor

The SARAD-T sensor leverages machine learning to help factories keep machinery in good working condition. Factories often have a wide variety of machinery, each with a different function and schedule for maintenance. If one of these machines breaks down unexpectedly or needs to be repaired, it can lead to unexpected downtime, production losses, and increased costs.

When SARAD-T is used in a factory, operators can monitor the health of machinery in real time. SARAD-T can adapt to the differing needs of each machine and provide accurate and timely insights into any anomalies before they become a problem. The sensor itself processes this data right on the machine. This reduces latency and creates a more responsive and efficient maintenance system.

In one case, the SARAD-T was used in a factory to detect which electric motors were functioning abnormally. To do this, data was harvested from Analog Devices' low-power 3-axis MEMS accelerometers that were attached to the motors. SARAD-T was able to use this data to accurately detect any unusual conditions in the motors. SARAD-T used a "one-for-many" approach and was able to integrate with different types of motors that operated at different speeds, carried different loads, and were installed in different locations.

Weier Wan, founding member of Aizip, said of the award: "We extend our gratitude to Sensors Converge and Fierce Electronics for this honor. We also want to thank our incredible team at Aizip and our partners at Analog Devices for their tireless efforts and dedication. This award is a testament to our shared vision and relentless pursuit of excellence."

Aizip is located in Cupertino, Calif., and was founded in 2020. It specializes in developing AI models for IoT applications and is a leader in the TinyML market. TinyML embeds machine learning in the device to protect privacy, provide real-time response, and lower bandwidth usage.

Analog Devices is a multinational semiconductor company headquartered in Wilmington, Mass. The company specializes in data conversion, signal processing, and power management technology. Analog Devices has approximately 100,000 customers in the communications, computer, instrumentation, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics industries.

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